《Refund Policy》

1. The "Refund" button will be avaliable after 15 minutes of the successful payment, and the refund can be initiated only when the button appears.

2. Full refund is supported within 24 hours after successful payment.

3. Refund is based on the actual use time ratio If it is initiated after 24 hous and winth 7days of successful payment . For example : If the cloud storage monthly fee is $6 , user ordered 3 months , the bill is $18 . if the user initiate refund after 5 days of payment , the refund should be $18*(1-5/90)=$17

5. After nitiate refund, there will be "Refund in progress" shown . money will be returned according to the normal cycle of the local bank

6. If the customer can not initiate a refund within 7 days due to our delay operation,the full refund can be directly operated on the platform. For example, if the customer initiated a refund within 7 days, we didn't make a guidance tips within 7 days